Our Policies

Environment Policy

The environment is the most crucial factor in the progress and future of a country. Natural resources can only be protected by following carefully established environmental policies.  Updating environmental regulations, obtaining public cooperation through associations are the first steps to be taken.

It is an undeniable fact that the Industrial Revolution has caused climate change. On the other hand, the growing level of individual consumption, and the growth of population continue to destroy natural life. The earth’s resources are threatened by the manufacturing and consumption practices which depend on fossil fuels. Another factor that increases the threat is the tendency to destroy green areas and forests for individual benefits.

For all the reasons above, our goal as the Ruba family is to contribute for a cleaner and better world by putting our concern for nature and man in the first place. In activities for this purpose, what is important is the active participation of everyone. Ruba Fermuar is ready to support and financially invest in all efforts geared towards a healthier environment. Just as it has been the case with ISO 9001 quality management, Ruba is known for taking such procedures seriously. As an environment-friendly company, we are willing to produce environment-friendly products, promote ecological activities and participate and support all activities in this line.