Although invented a hundred years ago, it was not until 1950’s that the zipper started to be widely used in several sectors and especially in the ready wear industry. The 50-year interval went to the efforts of developing the zipper technically, making it more practical and trying to establish the habit of using zippers instead of buttons.
Today zippers are everywhere from garments to bags, from sofas to shoes, in many items that we use every day. The zipper carries a simple function, yet with a very sensitive and complex mechanism. Therefore, it is a machine that needs to be produced with utmost attention, sensitivity and advanced technology.
Producing zippers since 1964, Ruba Fermuar Sanayi A.Ş. is emphasizing two points by its new slogan “We are not new, but we keep on renewing”. Firstly, in order to produce good quality zippers a deep knowledge and experience is required. Secondly, to make use of the most up-to-date technology it is necessary to focus on research and development and make investments; furthermore, it is essential to be creative and open to novelty to catch up with changing fashion trends and expectations. With its many years in the zipper industry, Ruba Fermuar is “not new” but experienced; it “keeps renewing” by using the most advanced technology and by meeting the challenge of changing demands.
In 1996 Ruba Fermuar established the first and only plant in Turkey to produce zipper parts. With its die-casting plant of 600 tons capacity and computerized production, Ruba Fermuar is one of the five biggest plants in Europe in this line. Just as it has secured a reputable place in the local market, Ruba Fermuar has also been successful in exporting its products, the quality of which has been approved in many countries all over the world.
Parallel to its success in catching up with the latest technology, Ruba Fermuar has also succeeded in improving its human resources. By reorganizing and training its personnel at all levels, the Ruba Fermuar Family has acquired a healthier and more productive structure. Giving utmost importance to the training of its personnel, Ruba Fermuar has also regarded its mission to inform people concerned about the usage of zippers. In cooperation with academicians, seminars were organized, and publications were prepared to introduce the zipper and to educate textile manufacturers and textile department students in subjects such as correct zipper choice and correct sewing.
Ruba Fermuar has been carrying production on its new grounds at the Manisa Industrial Zone since January 2005. This plant which has a technically advanced infrastructure manufactures in a total area of 17.000 meters square, 10.000 meters square of which are covered. The new working environment has been designed with the intention of enhancing personnel health and contentment, thus increasing productivity. As a company concerned with environmental issues, we are proud to use vapor supplied by the industrial zone rather than fossil fuels. Fluid wastes are treated at the waste treatment facilities.

Being aware that providing the best quality goods and services at the most reasonable price is an infinite search with no limits, Ruba Fermuar intends to carry on its efforts to achieve perfection by making use of its advantage of 55 years in the zipper industry.